About Lakiea Dalrymple, LMHC

My belief is meeting people where they are and helping them to understand that happiness is obtainable. Development and engaging with my clients are relevant key factors. When you are truly open to doing the work, educated and coached to do the work, it is then, that the work can be successful. 

As a 2013 graduate, with a Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling, a certified Diploma in Mental Health Counseling  from Manhattan College, and a New York State clinical licensure, I also balance multiple roles as a Life Coach, Mentor, Marketing Consultant and contractor to work within schools and multiple agencies throughout New York City. My areas of concentration are on improving social, emotional, and behavioral health services for children and their families. 

With a culturally sensitive approach and attention of concentration, I utilize my professional skills in one-on-one, couple/family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness; in addition to disorders and concerns such as anxiety, trauma, disruptive, personality disorders, and psychotic disorders that has been seen within adult and adolescence populations.  

I believe the one thing that prevents the world from evolving isa lack of dedication and personal involvement. I'm a helper and a doer. My passion to help people allows me to remain focused on the main point- that by working, learning and educating one another, it will help develop and mold a more productive and powerful future. Each one, teach one. My desire to care for individuals is based on this foundation. Let’s do this together!

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